Past Projects

Junto del Pueblo are family nights where community members were able to record and paint their stories with the guidance of artists who co-facilitated the workshop and provided conversation, discussion questions, and art supplies. Gabrielle Garcia-Steib shot family photos then later conducted an interview with the OVNV team that offers perspective on their work and the future of our community. 

Sol is a "grieving ritual for people living under surveillance in the 21st century" that has been exhibited in Orlando, Los Angeles, and New York City created by multimedia artist Xeena Ellison and edited by Liz Mputu. 

Chimera, My Perfect Utopia, Killer Instinct, and the mural collective Time Is Money are all projects New Orleans artist Angel Perdomo has created. His  graphic, colorful style has been shown in New Orleans, New York, and New Jersey.

Gavin Jones has exhibited a public mural for Ace Hotel, is a painter dealing with abstraction, and is also a bus-commuter candid portrait photographer.

This will be Bria Bethany Brown's first project directly engaging with the public outside of a gallery or market setting.  She is a poetic drawer who concentrates on creatures, feelings, and text.